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Soothing & Calming Gel Mask

RM 179.00

Skin ageing is a continuous process. Each day, our skin strives to overcome the effects of ageing. It struggles to recover from the damaging effects of moisture loss, inflammation and harmful stress from UV rays, pollution intoxication, heavy make-ups and unhealthy lifestyle. Due to these daily abuses, the skin becomes stressed and tired. The skin's recovery process is weak causing premature ageing. Its condition deteriorates day by day. We may not notice the daily changes of our skin but the results can be visibly alarming after weeks or months.

Extra Recovery Gel Mask works to speed up your skin recovery process

One way to maximise absorption is to soak your skin with Extra Recovery Gel Mask. Specially designed for stressed and tired skin, the Gel Mask works by force feeding anti-ageing ingredients, nutrients and moisture deep into the skin to boost the recovery process. The masks function is to keep your skin from the major causes of premature ageing. Formulated for daily use and is ideal for busy individuals.

Extra Recovery Gel Mask - Soothing & Calming

  • Repair, soothe and calm irritated and inflamed skin.
  • Protect skin from sensitivity and inflammation.
  • Improve skin texture and plump up skin.

Additional Information:
  • Nett Weight: 70g
  • Suitable For Skin Type: Sensitive Skin

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