Herbs Tummy Navel Treatment

Navel is the centre of life forces. By proper maintaining and regulating energy at Navel, we can remain in state of health and harmony.

Navel plays most important role development of body from the very beginning of life even at the stage of embryo. Body is nourished from Navel energy and also get rid of its waste through this womb. It also transforms, stores and receive external energy.

The navel plays centre balances all forces and is the centre of physical gravity while sitting, standing, walking, running or in any other posture. It can be considered as center of life and plays most important part in the harmony of body, mind and soul. Therefore, it is necessary to know, how to maintain and care for the spiritual or invisible energies which help to weave off or dissolve the needed tissues and cause the flow or stagnation in body.

Our Herbs Tummy Navel Treatment is a Herb Tummy Slimming Therapy specially made from herbs and slimming products for modern people like you, to keep slim and healthy.

Duration: 90 minutes
Price: RM 388
1st Trial: RM 138

Key Benefits:

  •  Adjust internal secretion, remove fatigue, disperse chilliness and moisture, clear Qi and improve blood circulation.
  • Adjust intestines and stomach functions, remove abdominal distension, improve body condition and sleeping quality, etc.
  • Improve problems of the digestive system, adjust functions circulation of system and organs, balance Qi and blood, yin and yang, elevate immunity, and be beneficial for longevity, beauty, postponing senility, etc.
  • Adjust female hormones, female internal functions, and reduce the likelihood of diseases like irregular menses, leucorrhoea, dysmenorrhoeal, abdominal distention, constipation, etc.
  • Together with special massage techniques, it can reduce accumulation of belly fat and keep the waist slim.
  • It considerably improves facial skin and solves facial problems caused by irregular menses.
  • Long-term care can even suspend menopause and postpone senility.

Who Is Suitable For This Treatment?

  • Anyone who has constipation problems
  • Anyone who has hormones unbalance problems
  • Anyone who is stress and needs relaxation
  • Anyone who has poor sleeping quality, insomnia like difficulty falling asleep, staying asleep as long as desired, etc.
  • Anyone who wish to lose weight
  • Anyone who has poor blood circulation and low metabolism

You are not Advised to Take This Treatment, if you

  • have heart and heart related problems
  • high blood pressure
  • during menstruation / period, or pregnant
  • after surgery / operation, or
  • after giving birth