Facial Treatment

A good facial every so often is a great way to pamper your skin and relax yourself, especially after a hard day at work, return from distant travels or some specific skin issues that you would like to resolve. Whatever your reasons, we are here for you!

La Grace Experts in Skin

A facial assessment and consultation to determine your skin type and understand your concern. We recommend the most suitable facial treatment and optimise the latest skin treatment technology for best result and ultimate experience.

La Grace’s therapists are professionally trained on each specialised treatment and offers personalised pre- and post- treatment care for each session.

Types of Facials

Oxygen Infusion Facial therapy is one of the most popular rejuvenating, hydrating and anti-aging treatments, using the latest oxygen infusion skincare machine.

By virtue of an infusion of oxygen and anti-aging serum mist through a special O2 activator to the face. It enhances your skin health, hydrate, radiance; leave your skin nothing short of glowing and fresh.

Recommended for all skin types. This facial is ideal for soothing irritated skin. It’s a great therapy for frequent travelers and brides before their big day. It also boosts makeup application to give the skin a smooth and moisturized surface.

Duration: 90 minutes
Price: RM 388
1st Trial: RM 138

Re-Hydrator Facial is a concentrated and deeply nourishing moisture-boosting facial on a more intense level to restore the moisture-balance of your skin. You will feel the moisture serum penetrate deep into your skin and nourishing those dull and dry spots.  It’s not only help to rehydrate, but to restore your skin’s natural fresh appearance; leaving your skin dewy, supple and beautifully radiant, and visibly relieves tightness and fine lines.

Recommended for dry, depleted and dehydrated skin, and is great for men and women of all ages who wish to restore their skin’s natural moisture.

Duration: 90 minutes
Price: RM 288
1st Trial: RM 118

Also known as Black Doll or Charcoal Facial, Korean Blackwawa Laser Facial is an advance facial therapy by coating carbon nano-particles powder on your face, and modulating with an advanced laser machine to allow the particles penetrate deep into pores and stimulate the skin cell. Regeneration occurs by encouraging growth of collagen and elastic fibers.

Korean Blackwawa Laser treatment promotes skin rejuvenation, tighten the skin, and soften the fine lines with whitening results.  It makes your skin glow, gives you a radiant, soft and smooth skin texture. It’s an excellence choice for men and women, for all skin types and all ages who want to:

  • Reduce pores, acne, wrinkles, blackheads, age spots, freckles, pigments and sun spots
  • Aids acne wounds and smooth out scars, birthmarks and other blemishes
  • Whitening and lightening skin
  • Deep cleansing and exfoliating skin

Recommended a series of up to 3-5 treatments at 4 week intervals for best results; and followed by maintenance treatments approximately twice a year.

Duration: 90 minutes
Price: RM 488
1st Trial: RM 188

RF Lifting Facial is the latest non-surgical facial method that rejuvenates the skin using the RF (Radio Frequency) Technology.  The RF waves or energy able to penetrate into the deeper dermis layer and heat the skin to stimulate and remodel collagen fibers, elastic tissues and re-firms the features of your face.

This absolute lifting facial gives your skin a natural lift, firming and tightening effect. Best of all, results are immediately visible. Your facial skin feels tighter, more uplifted, rejuvenated, and appearing more luminous and youthful. The results will be even greater in the following weeks, and becomes
more obvious with every treatment.

RF Lifting Facial is an ultimate treatment for mature skin or skin imperfections. It’s a perfect choice for pre-event or wedding treatment to deliver a smooth, radiant, glow, and healthy skin.

Recommended a series of up to *6-10 treatments for the most beneficial results; and follow by maintenance treatments approximately twice a year.

* Depending on the treated areas and your skin reaction to the treatment

Duration: 90 minutes
Price: RM 388
1st Trial: RM 138

It’s a well known fact that facial expressions, stress, pollution and modern life over the years have contributed to ageing.

La Grace Signature Lymphatic and Natural Lifting Facial is a completely natural instant face lift to relieve deep tension, giving the facial muscles a lift, without surgery, and yet improves elasticity and complexion of the skin, and firms up the underlying muscles to reduce the signs of ageing.

La Grace Signature Lymphatic and Natural Lifting Facial is combination techniques from Acupressure and Facial Reflexology.  These facial techniques will simulate and improve blood and lymphatic flow to remove toxins from the skin and improve blood supply, giving you a firmer, re-energised, radiant healthy glow and younger stress free face.

These new therapies are becoming increasingly popular.  It’s a wonderful and extremely relaxing healing therapy for women and men with benefits who want to:

  • reduce the signs of ageing, naturally
  • smooth away facial lines
  • lift and tones the face
  • reduce sagging skin
  • reduce tension held in facial muscles and scalp
  • reduce under eye bags, crow feet and puffiness
  • improve circulation and healthy skin

Duration: 90 minutes
Price: RM 388
1st Trial: RM 138

Power Facial is a perfect introduction to skin care and as a revitaliser for all types of skin, and for people at all ages who want to restore skin radiance in an instant.

It’s a 60-minutes renewal and beauty boost treatment with customised mask application that powerfully cleanses, tones, exfoliates, and moisturises your skin using a results driven cosmeceutical range of products to smooth, revitalise and boost your skin.

An effective “pick-me-up for the time poor” ideal for busy people. A great stress buster for people who need a quick fix. A beauty boost for those who attend a special occasion. An ideal choice for an addition to any facial for an extra; or anyone who just wish to pamper himself/herself after an exhausted day, during a short break time or even in your day!

One treatment provides an immediate result of enhanced luminosity. Recommended a series of up to 3-5 treatments at 4 week intervals for a longer lasting, rejuvenating effect.

Duration: 60 minutes
Price: RM 188
1st Trial: RM 88