Bust Treatment

Perfect Bust Therapy is an effective complement to breast care, and for confident posture. This bust treatment uses the combination of latest micro-current technology, human lymphatic breast massage and RFV treatment to tone, lift, enhance the breast shape, strengthen muscles around the breast area, and to hydrate the skin for firmer and more natural looking breasts.

It’s an ideal treatment, particularly for women who is after slimming diet, after pregnancy, breast feeding, after excessive sun exposure, prophylactically after the age of 25.

This treatment is not recommended during pregnancy, breast feeding, following breast surgery, and in cases of any irregularities within bust area.

Key Benefits:

  • Strengthen heart and lung function
  • Sculpture stature
  • Dredging lymph, eliminate the vice milk
  • Improve the prevention of breast disease
  • Enhance immunity
  • Regulate endocrine
  • Psychological adjustment
  • Anti-aging, anti-aging period
  • Effectively clear, remove the toxins in the blood, blood circulation
  • Enhance the ovaries, so that endocrine normal (estrogen hormone normal)
  • Effectively accelerate the blood circulation of the chest, effectively improve the neck and back pain, remove toxins.
Duration: 90 minutes


Normal: RM 488
1st Trial: RM 168


Package 1
4 x times = RM 988
Package 2*
9 x times = RM 1,888

*FOC – Ultimate Experience, worth RM 428